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DI Combo (Deionized/Distilled)

What is the difference between Distilled as Deionized water?

Distillation is one of the oldest forms of water purification. The production of distilled water involves thermal manipulation of the water into vapors, which are collected in their purest form. The downside of this process is the high maintenance and necessity of boiling water, which can be dangerous, and environmentally taxing.

Deionized water, which is produced through multi stage filtration. With the use of state of the art reverse osmosis filters and the combination of a deionization filter you can achieve the same quality

of demineralized water. With pre carbon, sediment filter, R/O filter and deionization filter, your business can have access to unlimited deionized water produced on site. Neptune Water Solutions utilizes our existing R/O water purification system and customizes the unit to provide both drinking water and DI water for customers. We attach an external Bladder tank to store your deionized water that is attached to a custom faucet for easy filling. This can be attached to our 5000 hot / cold drinking water system as a combo, or can be customized to fit under your sink if requested.



Reduce the level of direct contact required to access clean & safe drinking water with our hands free foot pedal options, our new innovative solution to help minimize the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus in offices and businesses. 

Dual Pedal Option
NWS 9000 Touchless Office Water Cooler
Dual Pedal Option
NWS 9000 Touchless Office Water Cooler
NWS 9000 Touchless Foot Pedal



Try us for free. Just tell us where you want us to install, and our Certified and Insured technicians will take care of the rest. We can work with any property management company with any insurance requirements. 

We typically will Run 1/4 inch water lines to our botles water filtration systems and can run them across multiple rooms. We accomplish this much like a networking company runs either net cables or a electrician might run power cables. In this case, the lines are for your Neptune Water Purification system.   

If after 7-Days you are not in love with your Neptune Water Filtration System, we'll take it out, for free. Absolutely no obligation.


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