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premium bottle-less office water.
Serving California Businesses Bottleless Water Coolers &
Dispensers for your Office or Business
The Neptune Advantage
Serving California Businesses Bottleless Water Coolers &
Dispensers for your Office or Business
The Neptune Advantage
Serving California Businesses Bottleless Water Coolers &
Dispensers for your Office or Business
The Neptune Advantage

Everyone has enjoyed the Neptune Systems, and they tell me the water is great! It is very refreshing. We performed several tests on the water against major bottled and filtered water brands we had previously been using at our facilities, and the Neptune system was far superior in every category. Neptune's water is much more pure and satisfying to drink.

Chris Crismon - Health/Safety/DPA/IT/Facilities Mgr.

a few of our many satisfied customers

UPS, Marriott, Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, Cal, UCSF, FedEx
No lifting bottles or jugs, healthier water &
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Bottleless Water Dispensers
for Offices and Businesses

Neptune Water Solutions combines best-in-class office water filtration products with the finest customer service providing water dispensers for offices and businesses. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver to our customers the most cost-effective, highest quality bottleless filtration systems for their office drinking water. We’ve had our bottleless water dispenser for offices, health care, vet clinics, dentists, warehouses, gymnasiums, hospitality, and over 95% of the time we’re able to save our customers a significant amount of money on their water. Our 5-stage filtration process ensures that our systems are always delivering the healthiest drinking water possible. Moreover, our product is sustainable and green. Our bottleless coolers offer both hot and cold water at the push of a button, a simple and eco-friendly water dispenser for your office. All in all, you get the most cost-effective, healthy, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly filtered water system for your office. Sign up for a free cooler trial and let us show you a powerful comparison today!

For one full week, on us, try our bottleless water dispenser for office or business free! A full week trial and if you don’t absolutely love your fresh filtered water service, we’ll come back and remove the cooler from your office for free!

Each of these companies above have been very thankful they made the change. You will be too! Sign up for your free bottleless water cooler filtration trial and experience the best water dispenser for your office today! We’re here to help your office drink better water! We guarantee you our office water coolers will deliver the best water you’ve ever had.

Office Bottleless Water Coolers for California Businesses

Neptune Water Solutions is your best choice for office water coolers, and bottleless water filtration systems. We have the latest, state-of-the-art water purification technology and you will be thrilled with the taste of our water. Our bottleless water dispensers operate on a Point of Use (POU) system, that has a 5-stage filtering process, including Reverse Osmosis! We are a go-green company, and don’t use any bottles, so our Point of Use system eliminates the entire process of water delivery that is harmful to the environment. Our bottleless water systems can be installed where you choose. Neptune Water Solutions has all your office water needs covered. Contact us with any questions. We’ll be happy to help you.

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Try our Bottleless Water System, it’s better in every way.

Our bottleless water system is better than bottled water in every category. Environment: Over 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to manufacture bottles every year, and 18 million barrels of oil in the transportation of the water. Convenience: With filtered water you remove the hassle and liability of having to lift and store heavy bottles. Consistency: You don’t have to depend on a delivery schedule of bottles, where oftentimes they are late/rescheduled deliveries. Checkbook: Your bill doesn’t fluctuate month to month because you won’t have any bottles, it’s a flat monthly rate each month. By choosing Neptune Water Solutions filtered water dispenser for your office, you’re going to save money, have unlimited water, have no bottles to lift, and virtually no maintenance. Try our solution and enjoy unlimited amazing water for your office.

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Just wanted to let you know that Brian (one of our technicians) was here today and he was EXTREMELY nice and helpful! I have to tell you that it has been very pleasant working with you and to meet another nice guy (Brian) from Neptune, really has been awesome. You don’t always hear when someone is doing very well so I thought I should share that with you, no matter how cheesy it sounds."

Chrissiana Gamble @ Giusto’s Specialty Foods. South San Francisco, CA

We love our Neptune water dispenser! You have us as customers for life."

Jan Montelli @ Montelli Construction. St. Helena, CA

I can't believe I get such great water and service for this low of a price."

Joe Duenat @ Steps Marketing. Chico, CA

The installation was quick and easy! The unit looks great & the water is amazing."

Toni @ Kaiser Permanente Optical. Sacramento, CA

The unit works very well for our office. The installation was seamless and very easy; the technician took care of everything."

Mike @ Phar Merica. Stockton, CA

We performed a taste test between our old bottled water, tap water and Neptune Water. We used unmarked Dixie cups and each of the 4 participants unanimously chose Neptune Water as the Best!"

Tom @ Thomas Anderson & Associates. Sonoma, CA

We really like the unit ! Quite a few employees have told me that the water from your system tastes noticeably better than our previous bottled water."

Jen @ Capitol Lumber Co. Healdsburg, CA

The techs were just wonderful and the water tastes great!"

Martha @ Aegis Medical Systems. Pomona, CA

We love having the system. It has been an improvement for our customers and employees alike."

CFO @ Geweke Ford. Yuba City, CA.

We really like our system. We are really glad we went with this service over bottled water or any other filtration system."

Samantha, Owner @ YogaLA. Los Angeles, CA

The system works great, we would recommend it to every place of business."

Staff @ Cascade Insurance. Bend, OR

No more heavy lifting of 5 gallon water bottle!!! Water tastes great and installation/service was speedy!"

Lana @ Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. Oakland, CA